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A bicycle needs attention, similar to a car, and like a licensed car mechanic, a certified bicycle mechanic can spot an issue before it becomes a major concern. This can save you time and money, all while making every ride safe and enjoyable.

At Waterloo Bike Shop, our mechanics have participated and graduated from the Winterborne Bicycle Institute. This course is college accredited and issues a certificate with a passing grade of 80% or higher.

To assemble or repair bicycles you also need the right tools. Bicycles require many specialty tools to ensure the manufacturer’s specifications are met or exceeded. We have invested heavily in our tools so your bike will be safe and perform as intended.

Waterloo Bike Shop's knowledge base also extends to manufacturers and suppliers which allows us to get the information to get it right!

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. And every member of our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year. As such we believe we have the best bicycle repair and service facility in mid western Ontario.

Walk-ins are always welcome and we will do our best to fix your problem and get you riding again. Getting ready for a ride and discovered that a tire's gone flat? Did you hit a pot hole and knock your rim out of true? Sometimes you can't plan when your bike needs attention. Why not bring it in? If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we'll let you know when to stop by to pick it up. Come in, call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. soon so we can make that important repair or adjustment and get you back on your bike ASAP.

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