Free Lifetime Warranty Adjustments

The Lifetime Warranty Adjustment is offered at no additional charge to our customers purchasing a new bicycle from Waterloo Bike Shop. The program covers all labour costs of normal gear and brake adjustments to keep the bicycle running for as long as the original owner has the bicycle, it is not transferable.

When it comes to kids bikes, fit and safety are more important than ever. With an improper fit, children are at risk to lose control. Low quality bikes are simply not designed to stand up to the wear and tear kids put them through, resulting in an unpredictable and dangerous ride (just think if the brakes on your car worked “Okay, some of the time”). So how do you keep kids on the right bike without breaking the bank?

How does it Work?

Buy a child’s bicycle from Waterloo Bike Shop you can in up to 2 years from date of purchase, trade it in on a new larger bicycle and receive the 50%* of the original purchase price before taxes as a trade in on the new bicycle. This will cover all bicycles from 12” to 24” with the exclusion of BMX and Dirt Jump bicycles.

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