We are starting into the Spring of 2021, what is that going to look like for those looking to buy a bike and/or have a bike serviced or refurbished? If you thought 2020 threw the bike industry into turmoil, just wait until 2021.With manufacturing, shipping, raw materials, delivery, and staffing all getting upended by the pandemic, we’re only now starting to see the true repercussions. From massive shortages to seemingly unbearable delays, get ready for a very weird year.

Ultimately the shortage of bikes we're currently seeing is due to a surge in demand. This increased demand can be traced to two main groups: Firstly, existing cyclists upgrading their equipment. Secondly, newcomers to our market.

This leads to the first problem for 2021. Virtually all of the reserve stock that wholesalers usually hold so that retailers can order on demand, has been sold. Warehouses that might normally hold 10,000 bikes, sit with barely a few hundred. One company reported 107 bikes in stock compared to a usual holding of 18,000 bikes. Other smaller warehouses were completely empty with the next two or three shipments already fully pre-sold.

Shimano has been talked about the most, being by far the largest component manufacturer in the world and multiple bike brands have told me that they're having to place orders for Shimano components up to 400 days in advance. That's over 13 months!

Here are a few things you can do and think about to maximize your chances of getting your hands on the products you’re after:

Adapt. Let’s say you are hoping to purchase a new gravel bike. You’ve set your budget, decided on the style, ideal frame material, you know what size, and you’re pretty sure on the component mix you’d like. And wowee! - you found one - but it’s not in your favorite colour or maybe a brand that wasn’t your first choice but it checks all the other boxes. Recommendation: Buy it. Otherwise someone else will. If you do you’ll be free to enjoy it this season and likely be able to resell it later if you want. Or just keep it because N+1, right? :)
Get on a Wait List. Most shops are likely working with wait lists or taking deposits. We have been taking deposits on bikes we know are confirmed to receive and adding people to wait lists for bikes we are expecting to receive but have not had confirmation on.
“Joining The Waitlist” is easy with us: Find the bike you like, pick the size, and email us to add your name. When we get information that the bike you are after is coming we will notify you with an email. At that point it’s up to you to get in contact with us asap to place a deposit. All sales will be first come, first served.
Put Down A Deposit. Here at Waterloo Bike Shop, deposits are refundable but please also understand we cannot guarantee when bikes will arrive. Patience is a virtue so please know that there is almost nothing we can do to make products show up faster and we are doing what we can to expedite their arrivals.
Be Patient. Last summer we could not handle the massive volume of incoming calls, emails, and walk-in clients. We’re hopeful 2021 will not be as diabolical as last year and have faith that we (and every other shop) want to sell you the stuff you want - but - contacting us every week asking the very same question will not make your item show up faster. Really, it won’t.

So, please trust that we are even more interested than you are in getting you what you want. We need to sell those things to you, otherwise, we’re dead in the water. We want to sell those things to you because we revel in helping you find joy in cycling.

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